English at Eton Porny


We use the Read Write Inc phonic programme in Reception and Year One, with additional phonics intervention for children in Year Two who have not passed their phonics screening test. The children are taught to learn new sounds, develop fluency in reading, as well as their understanding of texts. We assess the children regularly, in addition, we teach pupils to work effectively with a partner to explain and consolidate what they are learning. Information about this scheme is shared with parents through workshops. Information about the sounds the children are learning is sent home regularly in reading records.

Following this link to find a series of information and tutorial videos explaining the basics of Read Write Inc. Phonics. If your child is learning to read these videos will help you support them at home.

At Eton Porny, we feel that it is important for pupils to have enjoyment of, and engagement with a variety of texts. Once pupils have moved past the phonics programme, they are taught more complex comprehension skills, which are designed to help children to infer, summarise, question, clarify, predict and argue a point of view. The children are also taught to make connections between texts and their own experiences, and are encouraged to take their own meaning from each text, becoming independent and critical thinkers.

We want children to develop a rich vocabulary and a love for reading, and we encourage children to read as often as possible. Children will also bring home a book, from the school reading scheme, which they should be encouraged to read on a daily basis. Children also have the opportunity to visit the school library once a week during a lunchtime club. We are developing links with our local library in Eton and each class will have an opportunity to visit the library during the school year.


All children write regularly for a variety of purposes and audiences, using poetry, narratives and non-fiction. Spelling, punctuation and grammar are taught explicitly, as well as in the context of the children’s individual work. Children are encouraged to redraft and edit their work where necessary and respond to the ‘fix its’ given by the class teacher in order to further and consolidate their learning.

At Eton Porny, we encourage children to use a cursive, joined script with lead-ins for all letters. This is taught from Term 1 in EYFS. Once children have developed a neat, joined style, and they are using it consistently in all of their writing, they earn a pen license, which is presented to the children as part of our weekly celebration assemblies. A pen is then used for ‘publishing’ pieces of their work.

Teachers make use of a wide variety of resources to motivate and enthuse young writers, including the use of film, pictures and story books to stimulate imaginative, creative writing. As part of our Cornerstones Curriculum children are also provided with a variety of cross-curricular writing opportunities.

From Year One, children are taught spelling patterns each week which correlates to the expected standard for their year group. These are then taken home to be practised and they also practise these spellings daily at school. Children are then tested on this pattern the following week.